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Bee Soulful Restaurant (formerly The Bee Tavern) in Middletown is a family-friendly, soul food restaurant. 


Bee Soulful is about good food cooked with love, a congregation with family and friends.


Our menu showcases our soul food, our signature drinks, delicious desserts, and honey-infused specialties.


Our restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful family dinner, date night with someone special, or partying on girls' night. 

Bringing the neighborhood together through food, drinks, live music, and entertainment. 

Bee Soulful aims to provide the neighborhood with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, efficiency, professionalism, and integrity in our service. 




The History of Soul Food

Soul food originated in Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama, in the deep south of America. Enslaved African people were given food in rations and little nutritional value during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. 

During this time of struggle and survival, the enslaved people took the food they were given (usually only “undesirable cuts of meat”). They adapted their traditional recipes and food traditions into the food made with love that everyone enjoys today. Soul food serves as a reminder of the African culture and the traumatic history of Black Americans being enslaved for centuries. 

Soul food dishes often include rice, okra, pork, greens, watermelon, and coffee – foods brought from Africa. Traditional foods were mixed with European foods resulting in dishes such as macaroni and cheese. However, the term “soul food” originated in the 1960s, growing into a movement when Sylvia Wood opened her iconic restaurant leading to her being called “the queen of soul food.” 

The rich culture of Black American soul food grew as cooks and chefs served these meals at church gatherings and saved the best for Sunday dinners. Fried chicken, cornbread, sweet potato pie, black-eyed peas, banana pudding, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and fried catfish are just foods that evolved from these traditions. 

Here at Bee Soulful, we honor those who came before us, we hold in our hearts the struggles and suffering they had to endure, and we cook our soul food with love and respect this food tradition deserves.


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