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Bee Soulful Small Plates

Fried Honey Catfish Nuggets  16

Crispy golden brown nuggets served with chipotle mayo.


Honey’s Dip + Dive Wings  

(Choose a flavor)

Honey Garlic  15.50

Honey Asian  16.00

Honey Wasabi  16.00

Deep-Fried Honey Buffalo  16.50

Hennessy Jerk 17.00 

Wings Combo (20 Pc) Available

Ask server for the wings combo deal

Honey Wasabi Shrimp  18.00

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp served with signature honey wasabi sauce.


Honey BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders (3)  17

Our signature honey sautéed onions paired with kale slaw. 

Bee Soulful Crab Cakes 20.00

Lump crab meat.

Bee Soulful Fried Catfish and Chips 20.00

Crispy fried catfish served with your choice of fries

Bee Soulful Salads

Kale Slaw  10

Honeycomb Spinach Salad  15.00

Baby spinach served with mandarin oranges, grape tomatoes, cranberries, and honey-roasted almonds with our homemade honey raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Add chicken 7          Add shrimp 12.00          Add salmon 14.00 

Bee Soulful Sandwiches

Bumble Bee Burger  18

BB burger served with lettuce, tomato, sautéed honey onions, and cheddar cheese, paired with our signature honey sriracha fries.

Chicken Club Buzz Sandwich  17

Topped with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and smoked honey apple bacon paired with signature honey sriracha fries.


Bee Soulful Famous Chopped Cheese Sandwich  16

A classic with ground beef, melted 3 cheeses, sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes. Paired with honey BBQ potato chips.

Bee Soulful “Beyond Meat” Burger  20.00

Served with lettuce, tomato, avocado. Paired with herb sweet potato fries.


Bee Soulful Large Plates

Golden Brown Fried Catfish  24.00

Deep-fried catfish prepared with our Bee Soulful honey rub, along with honey chipotle mayo.

choose 2 sides

Southern Fried Whiting 25.00

Made with our signature honey rub and crispy fried

choose 2 side

The Queen's Baked Herb Chicken 24.00

Baked in our signature fresh herbs

choose of 2 sides

Honey Fried Chicken + Waffles  22.00

Crispy fried chicken and homemade waffles with honey spicy butter and maple syrup.


Honey Braised Short Ribs  44.00

Falling off the bone honey and wine-braised short ribs.

choose 2 sides


Baked Honey Ginger Salmon  30.00

Baked wild-caught salmon served with our signature honey-ginger sauce

choose 2 sides.


Bee Soulful Lobster Mac & Cheese  29.00

Creamy 3 cheese lobster macaroni and cheese.

Bee Soulful Fried Chicken 24.00 

Crispy chicken fried in a skillet served with a choice of 2 sides

Bee Soulful Southern Style Shrimp & Creamy Grits  26.00

Served with a tomato jam

*Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only*

Bee Soulful Crab Cake Dinner  30.00

Crab cake made with lump crab meat, peppers, onions, and our signature honey seasoning

choose 2 sides

Smoked Honey Garlic Turkey Wings 28.00

Choice of 2 sides

Meatloaf (Beef) 25.00

Cooked to perfection with a honey barbecue jam with a choice of 2 sides

Bee Soulful Shrimp 28.00

Sauteed or fried shrimp with a choice of 2 sides

Bee Soulful Seafood Rasta Pasta 38.00

Penne Pasta, Salmon, Shrimp, Crab and Chicken tossed in our signature alfredo sauce

Additional Charges

Mac & Cheese Side $1

Candied Yams $1

Bee Soulful  Sides

Honey Sriracha Fries 6.50

Sauteed Spinach  7.50

Honey’d Collard Greens  7.50

(with turkey)

Queen Bee Potato Salad  7.50

Honey Bee Sting Cornbread  6

Herb Sweet Potato Fries  7

Hoppin John Rice  6

Roasted Cabbage  7.50

Candied Yams  8

Mac & Three Cheese Macaroni  9.00

Creamy Fingerling Garlic Mashed Potatoes 7.50

Sautéed String Beans with Roasted Honey Butter 7.50 

Sweet as Can Bee Desserts 

Homemade Peach Cobbler  10.00

Chocolate Brownie  9.00

Toasted Almond Cake  9.00

Big Mama's Sweet Potato Pie  9.00

Vanilla Ice Cream  7.00

Banana Pudding 8.00

Add Ice Cream for an additional $2

Bee Soulful Ba-Bee Menu

BB Chicken Fingers & Fries  14.00

BB Hamburger Sliders & Fries  15.00

BB Jace Mac & Cheese & Cornbread  12.00

(Kids Menu 10yrs old and Under)

NOTE: 20% gratuity is applied to parties of 6 or more guests.



Wing by on Wednesday
to check our wings special!



Thursday is ladies night
50% off select signature drinks:





To all the single ladies! Remember friesb4guys. Come enjoy some drinks with 50% off all fries!!

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